Select For Hire is a one-stop staffing solution serving clients that range from emerging markets to large organizations. Being a boutique firm puts us in the favorable position of being able to design personalized services oriented to your staffing needs. We have the ability to give you the attention you deserve.

Our services can ramp up or down in direct proportion with the shift in size of your hiring requirements. Whether you are looking to fill one role or an entire team, we are here to help you stay competitive by accessing specialized and highly skilled individuals in demand. Quickly and effectively, we’ll assemble a talented pool of candidates for your consideration.



Start-up/Small Organizations

Emerging businesses with rapidly increasing sales are faced with an exigency to have resources in place quickly and efficiently to service their customers. To address your critical hiring needs, we can manage the entire process when your internal HR functions have limited capacity. Select For Hire is equipped to bring forth quality candidates that help your organization grow.

Medium to Large Organizations

When you need a service partner with specialized recruitment experience in virtually every technical and non-technical aspect of your organization, Select For Hire is your solution. Whether your hiring practice is sporadic or ongoing, we can seamlessly integrate our delivery into your existing processes or design a recruitment program for you.


Strategic Sourcing

We work to fully appreciate the level of proficiency that the role demands. Our understanding of the value the candidate needs to bring to your organization is the cornerstone of a tailored recruitment plan. Our toolkit includes multiple recruiting tools, professional networks, vetted search platforms and our proprietary database.

Communication Management

As your recruitment consultant, we are easily accessible and happy to provide guidance, answer questions and procure information vital to your decision making. Likewise, we save you time by serving as the candidate’s communication channel to provide information and field questions related to feedback, scheduling and updates. This liaison continues from screening through placement.

Customized Recruitment Plan

Our agile approach enables us to work within your parameters. Some clients prefer us at the helm from start to finish. Alternatively, we can meld the sourcing and screening workflow with your current hiring and onboarding procedures. You may opt for us to streamline critical pieces of your existing hiring processes. Some clients gain more benefit from us building a customized plan from scratch. We pivot to accommodate your preferences.

Metrics Reporting

We will collaborate with you to develop key performance indicators (KPIs) and determine how they are measured. We offer customized reporting to track the results so, together, we can gauge the value of our search efforts on your behalf. But we go a step further. We leverage the data collected to create a continuous improvement plan. As we build our long-term partnership, we will monitor the plan so we can continue to exceed your expectations.


Relationship building is the key to fully understanding an organization’s talent pipeline. We serve as your recruitment cohort, developing an appreciation of your overall objectives and how a new incumbent is expected to help you reach the milestones that contribute to your success. Based on your hiring goals and needs, we customize an effective plan to:

  • Source, screen and present candidates with the necessary skills and experience to deliver results
  • Facilitate interviews and feedback processes aligned to your internal practices

Orchestrate positive interviewing experiences for your candidates, bolstering your reputation as a choice employer

Contingency Search

We will connect you to the most viable candidates for the job, even if they’re not actively searching!

Our contingent recruiting service is ideal for expeditious recruitment in highly skilled specialties. Your target candidates may not be in job-search mode but may be preparing to reach the next rung of their career ladder. Our ability to uncover this untapped talent is a big part of our success.

Employers often lack the resources or visibility to scout for those hidden gems. Competition for top talent is fierce. Whether your purpose is business continuity or restructure, we have the national reach to find the competencies you need. Let us parlay our trusted network to extend beyond active job seekers and identify prospects with the prowess required for the job.

High-volume Hiring and Project Staffing

We will partner with you on unique searches or volume-based projects!

Feedback from our clients is that internal hiring programs are labor-intensive and a drain on limited resources, especially when an entire team needs to be mobilized. Most organizations lack the time or staff to create job descriptions, advertise, perform screenings and conduct in-depth interviews. These tasks detract from your ability to focus on initiatives that have an impact on organizational growth and innovation. Ask us for help. This is what we do.

We offer proficiency and over 20 years of experience building and managing large-volume hiring processes. We specialize in finding the talent you need and managing each action step. Whether your team requires 50 positions filled within 30 days or 20 roles up and running within the next quarter, Select For Hire can line up, screen and interview qualified applicants.

Executive Search Services

We can source and vet strategic talent for your senior management team!

Executives thinking about a change are likely networking with a select few but not necessarily visible on a wide scale. We’ll connect you to top-notch senior-level executives calibrating their next move even while they are not actively searching or easily accessible. We work with a unique pool of executives who will only make a change if the right opportunity presents itself. When your opportunity is a good fit, we proactively engage the right candidate for the job.

We’ll invest all our resources on your executive-level search assignment and leverage the full spectrum of passive and active candidates available in the market. In representing your business throughout the search and recruitment process, you can be assured of full confidentiality and due diligence. We form an alliance with our clients that is strategic, consultative and instrumental to cultivating talent within your organization.


We believe every one of our clients is a premier employer with a great story to tell, and we take painstaking measures to prove it!

Select For Hire takes precise steps to:

  • Promote your company and its job opportunities to multiple networks of specialized talent in a way that supports your brand
  • Maintain the non-disclosure/privacy of all trade secrets and other sensitive information that may have been provided to us in the course of our collaboration
  • Deliver high-value recruitment services within your budget parameters