Our business model centers around nurturing client relationships. We accomplish this by implementing a strategic, consultative, agile and forward-thinking approach.

Strategic Sourcing

We work to fully appreciate the level of proficiency that the role demands. Our understanding of the value the candidate needs to bring to your organization is the cornerstone of a tailored recruitment plan. Our toolkit includes multiple recruiting tools, professional networks, vetted search platforms and our proprietary database.

Communication Management

As your recruitment consultant, we are easily accessible and happy to provide guidance, answer questions and procure information vital to your decision making. Likewise, we save you time by serving as the candidate’s communication channel to provide information and field questions related to feedback, scheduling and updates. This liaison continues from screening through placement.

Customized Recruitment Plan

Our agile approach enables us to work within your parameters. Some clients prefer us at the helm from start to finish. Alternatively, we can meld the sourcing and screening workflow with your current hiring and onboarding procedures. You may opt for us to streamline critical pieces of your existing hiring processes. Some clients gain more benefit from us building a customized plan from scratch. We pivot to accommodate your preferences.

Metrics Reporting

We will collaborate with you to develop key performance indicators (KPIs) and determine how they are measured. We offer customized reporting to track the results so, together, we can gauge the value of our search efforts on your behalf. But we go a step further. We leverage the data collected to create a continuous improvement plan. As we build our long-term partnership, we will monitor the plan so we can continue to exceed your expectations.